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Rewards, Retail & Reach

ROI from Games


Gamer Retail: Revenue from gaming

Gamers spent $10b on avatar clothes and accessories last year. Build your in-game retail presence on our platform.

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The Lunchables Playables Hub experience in Roblox.

Gamer Rewards: Roblox's First Loyalty Program

Fill your CRM. Reward Roblox players with points they can redeem on your white-label Gamer Rewards website.

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reach 100M Players in our Roblox Game Network

Integrating into our network of popular games is the most reliable way to reach millions of consumers

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Four Roblox characters stood wearing cricket equipment in the ICC Roblox game.
One Roblox character riding a hover board and another Roblox character wearing a bucket hat, stood in front of the 'H&M Looopmachine'

Award winning games played by millions

Dubit build metaverse games, experiences, and events in Roblox, Fortnite, and Zepeto. And we build educational games in Unity and HTML5

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Insight: smart moves backed by data

We're all about making smart moves backed by solid data. Our Data Team is a secret weapon

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A laboratory office showing data being processed.