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Unlock the potential
of in-game retail

Gamers spent $10b on avatar clothes last year

Grow your Roblox retail presence

  1. Prime locations: We operate 100 retail locations inside popular games that are played over 100m times a month.
  2. Data driven: Create what players want. 
We track what 10m+ players wear.
  3. Low cost: In-game retail operates on low prices and high volumes. Our Generative AI production pipeline lowers the cost to create virtual 
merchandise and increases your margin.



Roblox players bought 1.8 billion 
avatar clothes last year.

over 80%

80% of Gen Z draw physical style inspiration from avatars, with 50% prioritising avatar styling over their own in the real world.


Roblox and Fortnite players spent 
more money on in-game clothes 
than Ralph Lauren made last year.


Generating revenue from in-game retail requires opening stores in popular games, data driven fashion design, and publishing hundreds of items a month. Dubit’s Gamer Retail platform delivers all three:

  1. 100 retail locations accessed 100 million times per month. Choose from product placement, pop-up shops, or permanent stores.
  2. Intelligence from 10 million players’ preferences. We track tens of millions of Roblox players to find what they are wearing.
  3. Low cost AI powered creation. Fast, low cost production of 3D clothes at scale.
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