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10 billion game plays &
10 million avatars Sales

Two Roblox characters stood in front of the H&M Looopmachine from the Loooptopia experience.

smart moves backed by solid data

At Dubit, we're all about making smart moves 
backed by solid data. Our Data Team is a secret weapon, armed with a data lake of events from 
our gaming network and the hundreds of virtual clothes we publish every week.

We dive deep into the data - tracking sales, engagement, and trends. It's about understanding the what, the how, and the why behind every gamer's choice. This isn't just data; it's your roadmap to crafting gaming strategies that deliver ROI.


A laboratory office showing data being processed.



Deep dive into the Roblox platform, how the platform has evolved, what works, and the opportunities for brands.



A skull with a topical island on top.

Whats possible in the UEFN platform, the platform roadmap, and the earning potential creator payouts.


Roblox Aged Up

Three Roblox characters in a snow ball fight.

We studied how 17 to 29 year olds use Roblox and what that means for brands.


Data Driven Fashion

Fashion integration of two Roblox characters walking forwards

We’ve sold tens of millions of avatar clothes, in this report we share some 
of the lessons we’ve learned.