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The first Roblox
loyalty programme

Earn points on Roblox, redeem points on your website

Roblox characters wearing Kickers sweatshirts and shoes.

from Roblox to your website

Reward players that shop in your Roblox store, take part in your brand campaigns and wear your virtual merchandise. The points they earn are redeemed for real-world rewards on your white-label Gamer Rewards Website.

  • Collect valuable data for your CRM
  • Reward players with discounts, content, & experiences
  • Connect on-Roblox activity to your off-Roblox rewards programme


A city with Roblox characters shopping with Adidas bags.


Lunchables Rewards, powered by Dubit’s Gamer Rewards, issued 1 billion reward points in the first 10 days.


Players spent over 1 million Lunchables Rewards points within the first day.

1000 rewards/sec

Our database handles 1000 rewards transactions/sec. That’s 5 times more purchases than AMEX processes in the US!

How it works

Gamer Rewards is a white-label product that integrates with existing Roblox experiences and brand websites:

  1. Integrate the Gamer Rewards SDK into a Roblox game.
  2. White label the Gamer Rewards Website (can be hosted as a subdomain of your website)
  3. Define how players can earn rewards points in Roblox, e.g. buying virtual merchandise, visiting a branded event, or taking part in a challenge.
  4. To convert points to rewards, players register on your branded White Label Game Rewards Website (data for your CRM) and connect their Roblox account.


Two Roblox characters wearing Lunchables UGC Items in front of a Lunchables with 100% Juice sign.


  • 6.6bn Lunch Points earned
  • 65k Lunchables UGC redeemed
  • 7.5m hours of UGC wear time