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Lunchables Playables

Lunchables Playables

When Kraft Foods was eyeing a mega splash in the Roblox universe, they picked Dubit's Gamer Rewards platform for the mission. The result? Lunchables Playables, a rewards program that's not just big, it's gigantic. In the first two months alone, it dished out a whopping 3 billion reward points.

3 billion

reward points issues in just 2 months

20,000 viewers

watched the live steamed eSports event

7.5M+ hours

of players sporting Lunchables branded gear

Over six months, Roblox gamers earned Lunchables points playing their favorite games. The real kicker? These points unlocked exclusive, limited-edition Lunchables merch in the Lunchables Lobby. And that's just the start. Soon, these virtual points will unlock real-world rewards on the Lunchables Rewards Website – a Roblox first!

Kraft Foods’ choice of Dubit's Gamer Rewards platform wasn't just about launching a campaign; it was about redefining engagement in the gaming world. Lunchables Playables has set a new standard – it's more than a game changer; it's a whole new game.

Lunchables Live Show

Each month, the action heats up with a live eSports event powered by Dubit's Metaverse Gaming League.

Roblox influencer SugarStar joined us one month to create a special live show event! Watch the replay here.








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