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ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

Teaming up with the ICC and Sportfive, we embarked on a mission to bowl over a new, younger audience with cricket fever – all within the realm of Roblox.

We introduced the thrill of cricket to Roblox with three virtual Cricket World Cup Fan Zones in three hugely popular games. From the Fan Zones, players met the mascots and took part in a World Cup Challenge to collect “runs” and win amazing ICC Cricket World Cup branded avatar clothes.

227 million

plays of the partner games

19 million

unique ICC challenge players

48 Billion

runs collected

460 years

of estimated in-game brand engagement

This campaign wasn't just a hit; it was a super over of success! We brought the spirit of the World Cup into Roblox. Just like a perfect innings, we mixed entertainment, technology, and the love of cricket to craft an experience that captivated our young, tech-savvy audience.

680,000 virtual merch items given away