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Embers The Dragon is an innovative program designed to foster children’s growth, emotional wellness, and school readiness through engaging animated episodes and interactive resources. At the heart of this world is Keiki Island, where children embark on an interactive narrative game. Here, they encounter scenarios requiring problem-solving skills to help characters and earn gold leaves, all while learning about emotions.

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The app offers a variety of mini-games and learning activities, including Hide & Seek, Noughts & Crosses, Infinite Runner, Colouring, and more. These activities not only entertain but also develop skills such as problem-solving, perseverance, coordination, and creativity.

In addition, Embers features a dedicated parent space where caregivers can provide detailed information about their child's special educational needs. From this, personalised Behavioural Support Plans (BSP) are generated, offering tailored activities and topics for parents to explore with their child.

With a target age range of 3-7 years old, Embers ensures a safe and enriching environment for children. Data collected during trials is securely stored in a CMS, utilised by clinicians for supporting parents and children, as well as for valuable research insights into app usage and benefits.