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Hooked On

Hooked on Phonics, a well known brand under 'Hooked & Company' (formerly Sandviks), has been a household name in the US since the 1980s. With a mission to make learning joyful and effective, they've helped over 5 million children learn to read over the last 35 years with a gold-standard at-home learning experience that's not only educational but also incredibly fun! Hooked on Phonics keeps kids engaged and motivated to learn thanks to a colourful cast of characters, fun mini-games, catchy songs and videos all seamlessly linked to help blend fun and education together! Hooked & Company have since taken the same award-winning approach to present modern learning tools for not just reading, but Spelling and Math as well!

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The Hooked On Phonics app first hit the scene in 2013 and was relaunched with even more excitement by Dubit in 2020. Following its success, we've worked together to introduce two additional apps with "Hooked on Spelling" and "Hooked on Math," aimed towards pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children in the US and Canadian markets (Phonics 3-8, Maths 4-9 and Spelling 5-7). Not just limited to the digital world, Hooked on Phonics offers physical companion products like practice packs with books and worksheets, perfect for supplementing a subscription and enhancing the learning journey.