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Concept Testing


The team at LEGO Ventures had developed a concept for a family scheduling and time management app with a child-friendly interface. The key objective of this research was to inform the on-going development of the app. We achieved this by delving into kids’ and parents’ current behaviours, and by seeking their initial impressions of the concept.

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Parents and children took part in a 60 minute Dubit Clickroom session (an interactive, text-based focus group, in which participants communicate via avatars).  During the sessions, participants were asked a series of questions about how they currently schedule activities and manage their time, as well as which tools and resources they currently use to help them decide what to do.

Participants were then asked to provide their perspectives on an animation which introduced them to the concept. Dubit was able to provide actionable recommendations for future development of the app based on insights around current scheduling behaviour and needs and real time reactions to the concept.